what we do?

Hypercube provides solutions for complex IT security challenges in multi-cultural environments, with a good track record in delivery in regards to cost, schedule and quality.


We take part in all phases of a project, from conception to close production, all around the world.

Are you an Operator, or a Company using Telecoms Services? HYPERCUBE will support you in all your Telecom and New Technologies projects, from strategic thinking to operational implementation of services

Hypercube constructs and creates a cyber world that helps us to secure your data with the most elite security , the following services include

  • In-home installations
  • Providing your service with our products


We also provide free consultation services with samples of some of the companies we have collobarated with.

HYPERCUBE’s application services, which include development,portfolio management and application modernisation, this  enable Customer to overcome these barriers and foster operational agility,transformation and profitability. Our comprehensive services provides the technological and industry expertise, solutions, skills, management frameworks and processes our Customer need to successfully design, operate and uplift their business applications.


Module 1: IT Strategy- we review the overall IT strategy and produce the most suitable outcome

Module 2: Design IT- we design the IT organization, Architecture (Applications, Infrastructures & systems) including the process

We support each phase until the final stage of attainment .


Within a global landscape that is highly competitive and diverse, Hypercube simplifies the process of integrating solutions for businesses. We have the best resources to ensure a smooth and successful outcome of the desired service.


The HyperCube  is a leading ICT integrator company with leading edge technology and a comprehensive portfolio. HyperCube was founded in 2014 and through strategic partnerships and market positioning it has grown immensely.


To provide the most amplicable solutions available on the market and allow customers to focus on the core business. This should illustrate a new advanced chronicle of the mission set



Hypercube Provides efficient technology and IT solutions that achieve business goals in complex environments. Hypercube works adjacent with your company to better understand your goals. Our rapid response and in-depth understanding of market dynamics allow us to create and deliver ideal IT solutions. We re-arrange our business and transform it into technology.


Our team works with businesses to create and deliver technology solutions that are designed to transform people’s lives and experiences.


Thanks to its experience and independence, Hypercube is a channel with successful and multiple trusting companies  aswell as a channel restructuring projects on behalf of regulators, Telecom operators and Institutions.Due to its experience and gradual successful work ethic in addittion to their partners our consultants have already benefited from their trust.



We provide turnkey satellite network solutions for the main and remote sites of our clients.


Hypercube’s integration services comprise complete solutions that include design, implementation, optimisation and support.